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If your website doesn’t have a shop, you're missing out on the e-commerce revolution. Don't worry! Spreadsheet to Shop (S2S) lets you easily create an online shop. S2S requires no programming and PayPal is used to process the credit card payments. S2S also uploads the shop to the web for you.

How it worksTo top

screenshotSimply type the data for the items you want to sell into the spreadsheet provided. S2S uses this data to build a fully-functional, PayPal compatible, shopping website.

And the great advantage of having your inventory in a spreadsheet is that it can be managed easily.

Click the image for a picture of the concept.

S2S lets you develop as many shops as you want. Yes, you can even use this software to start your own business by making online shopping sites for others.

Feature list and version historyTo top

v1.00 (initial release)
No expensive shop hosting fees
Shops are PayPal Compatible
Create as many shops as you like
Customised MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets supplied
Supports up to 999 categories and 9999 subcategories per shop
Image gallery up to 5 images + 5 large images of same
Supports the following currencies:
Australia (AUD), U.K. (GBP), USA (USD), Canada (CAD), Japan (JPY), Europe (EURO)

Inbuilt FTP upload facility
Protects merchant email address from spammers
Easy to learn: built-in Tour and Tutorials to get you going fast
Item Expiry Dates
Sell services with no freight charges

Upload only recently changed items
Create, Save and Apply Shop Styles (fonts, colours, backgrounds, borders etc.)
Quantity discounts/price breaks
Searchable item list and/or Google™ Search
Delete Shop from Web facility
Tabbed User Interface
Set Banner and Footer Cell Background Colours
Table Title bar on Shopfront Page: now optional/can set custom text

Assisted Image Loading

Clone a shop
Set background for mid-section of shopfront page or search page
Customise text on all pages for English and non-English Western languages

Easy Shopfront Page editing

Specify up to 12 options per item with text boxes and/or option lists
Text options can now be made compulsory or optional
Text Options can have an associated price
Select option list values can have an associated price
Items can be marked as out of stock
Maximum Stock / Checkout quantity can be set per item
New Shopfront Buttons: Browse Item by Item, View Basket
Expert User Mode: suppresses beginner warnings
Set title for Categories Listbox
Set title for shopfront page browser window
Add colour padding to images
Streamlined Navigation Bar
Set a background image for individual page sections
Form validation text can be customised
Spreadsheet changes upload OR Images / Shopfront upload
Quantity discounts are now expressed as a % of full price
Overall price is computed and displayed as options and discounts are input

Stock Management macros (Excel® users only)
Simplified spreadsheet layout: hide/unhide less frequently used columns (Excel® users only)

Button Macros: Add/Delete items, Pricebreak/Option layouts, Find (Excel® users only)

META DATA Generator: helps search engines to find matching pages in your shop

Streamlined distribution file, Win 7 compatability checked

Fix for v2.55 installer missing files

Fix for search links in FireFox®, padding added to some page layouts

System requirementsTo top

S2S requires an MS Windows 98®, Me®, 2K®, XP® or Vista® or Windows 7® PC.

A PDF reader e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader® is required to read or print the S2S manual.

A FREE PayPal Business account is also required. PayPal selling fees apply.

S2S needs MS Excel 2010-97 or OpenOffice Calc v2.2 or later (Calc is Free/Donation ware).

You will need some space on the world wide web to host the shop. Even the personal web space your ISP has given you to host your own website will do.

S2S: Download and InstallationTo top

To download S2S, right-click on a link below and choose "Save Target As..." from the menu that appears.

Version: 2.57 ... Size: ~8 MB

Download from site 1


During installation, the licence agreement will appear. Please read it carefully before installing or purchasing the program.

You can still evaluate the program without a licence number.

Purchase S2S v2.57 $39.95 USDTo top

Orders are processed manually. PLEASE ALLOW 24 hours to receive your licence; 48 hours if ordering on weekends.

Please read the licence agreement carefully before purchasing.

To purchase a program licence via credit card, click the PaPal Buy Now button, below:

You will receive an email with instructions on how to unlock all features, once your payment is approved.

Upgrade S2S v2.0x to v2.57 for $10.00 USDTo top