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You already know what first aid is and what it is does for your body. Now you can learn first aid for your soul.

Without knowing how to apply first aid to your soul, you will usually end up seeing a counsellor or psychologist AFTER the MAXIMUM amount of damage has been done to your relationships, emotional health, mental health and finances. And who wants that? Nobody.

What has always been needed is first aid treatment that can be applied during, and in the direct aftermath of a soul-wounding situation. The Soul Solution® is that treatment. It is designed to prevent the destructive flow-on effects from life's abuses, disapointments and tragedies.

All you have to do is download the software and run it. Read the material provided and complete the exercises. This trains you to be ready for the next punch life will deliver.

If you do not feel good about life, yourself or other people, this course can be especially effective for you. You will find causes and answers.

If, on the other hand, life has treated you kindly so far, by simply reading the notes and completing the exercises you can be forewarned and forearmed and empowered to act when the time comes. The included case studies will open your eyes to just how vulnerable you are.

Skills to deal with difficult people and situations are included. Anger management is also covered.

The Soul Solution is freeware for personal use. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can now choose to roll with life's punches and quickly get back on your feet.

P.S. Don't forget to leave feedback on the breakthroughs you make.

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Simply run the program on your PC and follow the directions given.


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Requirements for PC users: an MS Windows 98, Me, 2K, XP or Vista or Windows 7 PC and a PDF reader.

Mac users need to download both PDF files and have a PDF reader installed.

Mac users: hold down the control key whilst clicking these links in turn: course notes  course workbook
and choose " Save link as ... " from the menu that appears.

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PC users: to download The Soul Solution, right-click on the link below and choose "Save Target (or link) as..." from the menu that appears.

Size: ~8 MB    Download from site 1    SOUL_SOLUTION_INSTALL.exe