PREFECT SYSTEMS - Tuning and Setup Services 
Setup for  Telstra T-Box Optus MeTV and Fetch TV
Get internet connected and have the ability to download movies or watch
Youtube on the big screen.

Tuning for VCR's and TV's.
The right way! Blank channels skipped and channels on the numbers you want!
Setup for VCR, Digital, Pay and High Definition TV,
Plasma, LCD, DVD, Blue Ray and HD-DVD.
All the right connections made for you and the equipment configured for the
best possible sound and picture. Yes! We do support Digital TV equipment,
up to and including TRUE HD systems (1080 lines, progressive scan).
Home theatre installation and setup (also called surround sound).
Setting up a home theatre can be quite daunting - all those plugs and
sockets, all those different connections to be made! If you don't feel
confident about doing it yourself then feel free to call us.

We will configure your system for the best sound and picture possible
(including Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound)and create for you a system
that is easy to operate and therefore a pleasure to use.

Ask your home theatre installer if they will be using a sound level meter to
calibrate your system. If the answer is NO, do not employ them, you are wasting
your money.

PREFECT SYSTEMS uses a sound level meter and calibrated test tones to calibrate
every speaker in your system and the subwoofer. Only a calibrated system can
deliver the sound the way the film director intended you to hear it.

Call PREFECT SYSTEMS on 0423 951 111 for more information or to book a
service call. We can come to you day or night!

Servicing Melbourne's Bayside and South Eastern suburbs,
Dandenong and Mornington.

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